48 States and 4 Corners of the Continental U.S. on an Indian Chief Vintage Motorcycle Subscribe on YouTube

In the summer of 2015, I travelled to all 48 states and 4 corners of the continental U.S. (12,597 miles), on my Indian Chief Vintage motorcycle, filming the journey.  In July, 2016, I’ll travel from Phoenix, AZ to Milwaukee, circle Lake Michigan with some friends, and head back by way of Colorado and Utah.  I’ll post updates here on the website, as well as on Social Media (see all the links below), and I’ll continue to compile movies about my journeys here as well.  I look forward to sharing tips I’ve learned about long distance motorcycling, as well as some film and photography from all around the USA.  Subscribe on YouTube for the latest videos!

I’ve posted some videos below, and I invite you to check out more about the journey including information about the route I took in 2015, the 2014 Indian Chief Vintage motorcycle I ride, films and photography from the road, and some absurd stuff including pictures and commentary on all 48 state welcome signs.  Thanks for visiting!