In the summer of 2015 I rode my 2014 Indian Chief Vintage motorcycle to all 48 states and four corners of the continental U.S.  It’s a journey I’ve wanted to take since the seeds were planted in my mind by Robert Pirsig’s, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance over a decade ago.

So I could keep my job, I had to divide the trip into three legs:

Leg 1: Phoenix, Arizona to Spokane, Washington

Leg 2: Spokane, Washington to Madawaska, Maine, to Miami, Florida

Leg 3: Miami, Florida to Key West, Florida, to Phoenix, Arizona

I filmed much of the journey, and as the footage is edited and refined, I will be putting it up here on the website.  Along the way and in the end, I hope to turn this journey into articles, a book, and possibly even a film or short film series.  However, my main purpose here is to create for the sake of creating, and to share this journey I’ve always wanted to take with anyone who may have a similar goal, or appreciation for the writing, footage, and photography.

Stay tuned to for updates, and feel free to write to me anytime at  I respond to everything, even from the road.

– Eric